Microblading & Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

Microblading & Semi Permanent Cosmetics

Microblading Hairstroke Brows $650 
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Top AND bottom $550 
Top OR Bottom $450 
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Other Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

Semi-permanent cosmetics
 can be used for more than just the face. Our Professional Licensed technician Tess can also camouflage scars anywhere on the body, fill in receding hairlines, and adjust areolas after breast augmentation, or mastectomies.

Scar camouflage $400/hour

Hair camouflage $400/hour

Members get 25% off!

Sometimes multiple hours, or multiple sessions are required in some cases. Please call to book a consultation for further details.

Scar Camouflage 
Thinning Hair
Breast Augmentation scarring

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