SKiN Body Lounge is a one-stop Day Spa in the heart of Studio City offering a touch of non-surgical body and face perfection. We take pride in delivering exceptional services and results at a fair price believing maintenance is a necessity, not a luxury.

Our services include cellulite reduction, inch loss treatments, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, airbrush tanning, pampering facials, Lash Extensions and more. Whatever your concerns are, we are here to “fine tune your body” by customizing your treatments for maximum results. Come let us take care of you.
-- Ester Haddad-Elkouby (owner) and The SKiN Body Lounge Team

"The lively environment, one-on-one attention and consultation are more about creating the perfect body for you."    --SPOTLIGHT

"Your One Stop Shop."

   --The L.A Direct

"With the numerous "Thank You" cards and personal photographs collecting in her desk drawers sent to her by clients, it's obvious that Haddad has certainly stood out as a confidante for the spa-going community." --The Boulevard

"This is definitely a one-stop-shop not a one-time-stop-shop, you'll get addicted to it."

--The Tolucan Times